Sunday, March 20, 2016

SOLSC Day 20: Rummaging

I was poking around a closet in what used to be our daughter’s room, and had become Jack’s computer room and general storage, and found a tote bag with things in it. What could it be?
            It was one of the tote bags Jack used whenever he needed something for carrying his medications that needed to be taken as specific times. So what else was there?
1. A long-sleeved YMC T-shirt, which he took to the movies in case it got too cold.
2. A bottle of Tylenol, expired two years ago.
3. Two big envelopes from TIAA-CREF, where he’s moved his 401(k) when I retired three years ago, so our retirement accounts would all be in one place.
4. A Playbill program from December 1, 2012, for the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, for which we had series tickets. The concert opened with Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony 1 in D major. This was a concert that not only did we forget that it started at 7 p.m. instead of the usual 8, but on the way there, we realized that we’d forgotten our tickets and had to return home to retrieve them. We thought we were arriving at the concert in the middle of the Prokofiev, but it sure didn’t sound like Prokofieff. In fact, it was Mozart’s Jupiter symphony, which followed the intermission.
            It may have been lucky that we missed the first half of the program, since it included Samuel Barber’s Violin Concerto, op. 14, composed in 1939. Jack usually didn’t like music composed after 1900, and while this concerto is not as atonal as much 20th century music, it doesn’t have the usual melodic touchstones of 19th century and earlier pieces. I was very sorry to miss the Classical symphony, however; it’s one of my favorites.

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