Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SOLSC DAY 23: Bilingualism

I am bilingual in computers. Except for a brief flirtation with the immediately obsolete PCjr, I’ve been a Mac girl all the way. But at work there have been mostly PCs, so I’ve learned to work in both operating systems.
            Since I’m mostly working at home the past couple of years, my PC knowledge is a little rusty. So when one of the editors I will be working with the next couple of months, who also works at home on her PC, wanted a refresher, I found that trying to imagine the PC screen while talking her through a process over the phone wasn’t that easy.
           This afternoon I decided to stop by my old office to give myself a refresher in Windows 7. I went through the steps the editor was having trouble with, took notes, and will consult with her when she has stories ready to work. And I took advantage of being in the office to hang out for a while, which I have missed while working at home.
            Do you have a favorite computer system? Are you a Mac or a PC person?  

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  1. I learned on PC a long time ago...and found the switch to Mac vexing at first. Now I love my Mac and my ChromeBook makes me batty.