Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An April First (not Fool's) Poem

It's April, National Poetry Month. I want to keep writing here, and maybe  I'll write a poem occasionally, but I don't think I'm a poet. I did sign up for a poetry class through the University of Iowa's International Writing Program's MOOC that was supposed to start a week ago, so I thought I would have some lessons that I could be practicing this month. Then the class was delayed. So today I will cheat a bit and post someone else's poem: Ogden Nash on baseball, which starts up for real next week.

You Can't Kill an Oriole 
Wee Willie Keeler
Runs through the town,
All along Charles Street,
In his nightgown.
Belling like a hound dog,
Gathering the pack:
Hey, Wilbert Robinson,
The Orioles are back!
Hey, Hughie Jennings!
Hey, John McGraw!
I got fire in my eye
And tobacco in my jaw!
Hughie, hold my halo.
I'm sick of being a saint:
Got to teach youngsters
To hit 'em where they ain't.

--Ogden Nash

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