Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Poem a Day, #6 (love or anti-love)

Love is a four-letter word,
Hardly spoken in impolite society
Where lust, eros, itch are preferred.
Love evokes romance, purity, idealism.
Romance, where the lover
Loses herself in the loved one,
Purity of purpose, innocence in knowledge,
In search of an Ideal never attained.
Lust evokes passion, hedonism, desire.
Passion’s craving for more more more,
Hedonistic pleasure in the body,
Desire to indulge all cravings.
Love is the metaphor, never realized
but assumed,
While lust creates its own
Facts-on-the-ground, a reality
That cannot be resisted,
That sweeps away pretence.
Love is lust’s imagination,
The clothes it wears in polite society.

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