Monday, April 6, 2015

Poem a Day, #5

Who Are They? Who Were They?

Who is the winner of Top Chef on the Food Network?
He spent two years in prison for armed robbery.
Who is the first violinist in the symphony orchestra?
She spent her first two school years living in a homeless shelter.
Who is the founder of that famous computer company?
He was a college dropout.
Who is the prize-winning reporter for a major newspaper?
She was dyslexic through high school.
Who is that old man shuffling along the sidewalk?
He used to be an All-Star pitcher for the Yankees.
Who is that woman scrabbling through the trash?
She used to sing backup for Whitney Houston.
Who is the middle-aged man sitting on the street,
with a paper coffee cup holding a few coins?
He used to be Phi Beta Kappa at Brooklyn College.
Who is the woman humming tunelessly
as she trudges through the park?
She used to teach English at Princeton, wrote
bestselling novels in the summer.

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