Friday, April 10, 2015

Poem a Day, #9 (how to...)

How to Drive Yourself Insane

Offer to write a short interview piece.
Acquire a free recording app for your iPad.
Test the app. Yes, it works.
Record the interview.
(Take notes just to be on the safe side.)
Try to play back the interview.
Wonder why nothing happens.
Try to play it back again.
Still wonder why nothing happens.
Look up .m4a files online.
Find out that iTunes or QuickTime Player will open .m4a files.
Transfer the file to your laptop.
Open iTunes.
Try to open interview file. Nothing happens.
Open QuickTime.
Try to open interview file. Nothing happens.
Stare at computer screen.
Go to Web page of recording app’s creator.
Write impassioned plea for help.
Web page refuses to post your plea until you fill in a nonexistent field.
Resist impulse to scream.
Look at notes.
Curse your aging memory.
Have a stiff drink.
Wish for angels to whisper interview into your ears.


  1. Just read this over on Poetic Asides and knew it had to be you! I love that we both wrote about writing in our "how" poems ... and that both of our writing assignments made us crazy! Love this. Love the comic!

    1. Thanks! I was inspired by your very funny "how to," which I read before doing mine. I wish I could have been as clever and humorous as you were, but I still feel so frustrated and angry, and haven't had time yet to see whether I can get enough usable quotes from my notes for my Q&A.