Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poem-a-Day, #21 (words coined by Shakespeare)

Champion Critic Does Not Grovel

Champion Critic felt out of sorts.
Her latest review had garnered no comments
On her blog, while
Attracting hostile backlash from
Writers she had judged harshly in the past.

Champion Critic had written novels
Over the years , which, she thought,
Gave her the right to judge her peers,
Writers in her own genre of lit. fic.
As well as writers of romance and fantasy.

Champion Critic felt out of sorts, for
None of her writer or critic friends
Had come to her defense.
The critics of her criticism had her all wrong.
They misread her judgments as dis, not sis-

Terly wish that they do better, as
Champion Critic knew shey could
She never took on a work
She knew was bad.
She never made demands she knew
Could not be met.

Champion Critic reread her latest work,
Persuaded still that she was right.
Critics and friends alike could be assured
That history will judge her
Decisions to be correct.

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