Friday, March 10, 2017

SOLSC 10: Getting Organized

            After opening all the mail accumulated while I was away, I simply put it into piles. Today I sorted through the piles, and gave in to my propensity to make list
1. 2 New York Review of Books
2. 3 New Yorkers. The anniversary issue at the end of February has always been a reproduction of the original cover in 1925, showing a dandy named Eustace Tilley.

That issue this year is a satire of that cover.

3. 4 The Nation
4. Poets & Writers
5. Milk Street (a new cooking magazine by the founder of Cook’s Illustrated)
6. 6 newsletters, including the Hightower Lowdown, Church & State, Healthy Aging, and Mind, Mood & Memory
            Then there were my pension checks, bank statements, and donation receipts for tax reporting. Also a bill from a doctor who saw my husband briefly in his last days in the hospital, 15 months ago. Can it really take Medicare that long to process bills?
            Finally, solicitations for donations from the Center for Reproductive Rights, the American Humanist Association, Planned Parenthood of New York City, the Hospice Support Fund, and the ACLU. I’ll give money to some of these organizations after I check out the ones I don’t known on Charity Navigator. 


  1. Such an interesting post! What your mail tells about you. There is emotion, in your husband's late medical bill- I hope that wasn't too hard to receive. The subscriptions show your interests and the solicitations show your concerns. This would make a good element in a piece of fiction- helping to develop a character by going through their mail :)

    1. What a great idea, developing a character by having him/her going through mail. And it could be postal mail or e-mail. Thanks!

  2. Interesting post...I'm wondering where you went and how long you were gone. That's a lot of mail!

    My blog:

    1. For almost a month, I was in Hawaii and California near Santa Cruz, trying to avoid the cold of a New York winter (which hit me hard on my return). I hadn't expected quite so much junk mail -- just looking at it and deciding to toss took time.

  3. I make lists, too. Interesting what happens when we make lists of our mail. It can reveal a lot about who we are and what we care about.