Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SOLSC 15: Frustration, Then Accomplishment

            What a day! It began with almost no sleep, who knows why. Maybe delayed, extreme jet lag?
            Visit to my doctor for annual checkup, and I am pronounced healthy. Good news, after spending a week and a half with a couple recovering from pneumonia, and returning home to a cold. Lungs clear, blood pressure normal, pulse normal.
            Outside it is COLD. I choose not to go to the rally in support of the Reproductive Health Act, designed to keep the Roe v. Wade framework as New York State law. There will be a rally at Governor Cuomo’s New York City office every Wednesday until this bill passes, and given how slowly our Republican-led state senate moves, I know there will be more, and not so cold, Wednesdays to demonstrate.
            After lunch with homemade chicken soup, I call the public library to find out why the e-book I borrowed three days ago will not download on my iPad. After my phone hangs up in the middle of my tech support for the third time, I move to another chair in my living room. The woman on the phone suggests I uninstall, then reinstall the e-book reading app. Which I do. Which works. Of course, it’s the old “plug-unplug” that seems to work for all electronic devices.
            Now I am off to the gym and to start reading my next book group book, Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants. Maybe there will be some tips for future political protests.
            And I’m getting my Slice in before late evening. Another accomplishment.

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