Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SOLSC 14: Snow Storm Stella

            Yes, even snow storms get names these days, though where were the storms with names beginning with A-R?
            I only went outside my apartment today to take photos of my street, looking west and east. (And technical difficulties are preventing me from uploading the view looking west. Very frustrating.)

We got less snow than forecast, 4 inches in Manhattan instead of 8-12 inches. North of the city, there were 18 inches in Highland Falls, 55 miles up the Hudson, but no measurable amount in Sea Bright, New Jersey, to the south.
            But it was quite windy, and on my street, it’s always more windy because it comes off the Hudson River. So since my cold is taking hold on my lungs and I didn’t need to go out, it was better to stay indoors.
            My lobby does offer flowers to cheer our mood. They change every few weeks – a professional flower-arranger lives in the building.


  1. All conceptually unfathomable to me as a Florida. I have seen snow little 3 times in my conscious memory. I do like the images that you integrated in your post. Stay Safe and warm.

  2. Sounds like the forecast for this "nor'easter" was a big bust! I'm in the D.C. area and we were off to school. Love your photos!