Monday, March 20, 2017

SOLSC 20: Yesterday’s Events

            Here’s what I did yesterday. I walked across 110th Street aka Central Park North to a book reading by a friend, Robert Roth. Alas, I was too late for Robert’s reading from his latest, Book of Pieces, containing poems, stories, essays. But another writer, Frank Murphy, was reading from A Great Disorder when I arrived, and his poems were quite amusing. “The Good Man Is Shaped Like a Banana Peel” suggests all the bad things that could happen as a result of one good deed. “Crossing Over” is about Manhattanites’ reluctance to go to Brooklyn. And “The Art of Losing It” relates many meanings of “lost”: the ways we can lose things or people or be lost or lose a train of thought. (You can find both books through Google Books.)
            Next I walked back across 110th Street to a Cookies and Postcards party. Our hostess made cookies and provided a list of addresses of Cabinet secretaries, legislators, and the president and his staff, as well as ideas for who to write to about whatever issue was most important to us. I wrote to the president; Scott Pruitt at the EPA; a thank you to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and also a thank you to James Mattis, secretary of defense, because he thinks climate change is real and is a national security issue, and maybe he can persuade Scott Pruitt of that fact. The only people I knew were the hostess and her mother, but I met a couple of people I may get to know better. It was energizing to feel that I was doing something positive. I know the people the postcards are addressed to will never read them, but someone on their staffs will, and perhaps it will make some of them think differently.
            And I may organize such a party myself soon. 

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