Sunday, March 12, 2017

SOLSC 12: Getting Sick?

            This will be brief, because it’s late, and I think writing on the computer after 9 p.m. is disturbing my melatonin.
            In California, my hosts were recovering from very bad colds, as well as pneumonia. We thought they were no longer contagious, and maybe they weren’t and I got this budding cold from the flight home, always a possibility. In any case, I couldn’t sleep last night, and today I’ve have all my usual cold symptoms.
            I’m going to bed soon, and hope I can beat this. Ginger and honey tea sounds like a good idea. And lots of vitamin  C.


  1. Hope your early application of vitamin C sends your cold packing quickly!

  2. Feel Better!! I hate waiting to see if I'm sick or if it will pass. Hoping the former for you!