Saturday, March 18, 2017

SOLSC 18: Boring Day, but Interesting Evening

            A lot of catching up today, cleaning up the to-do list. That’s the boring part.
            Tonight I’m going to an Orpheus Chamber Orchestra concert. If you don’t know about Orpheus, check them out. They are a leaderless ensemble; a small group of musicians work together to develop the orchestra’s arrangement for each piece, and have been playing and touring for more than 45 years. You can read about their process here and see their calendar here. They play mostly in New York, but will be in Winona, Minnesota, in July, for the Minnesota Beethoven Festival.
            Tonight, their soloist is a cellist, Alisa Weilerstein, and the program includes a Schumann Concerto for cello, as well as a Mendelssohn, a Schubert, and a Webern (they always include a modern piece).
            Jack and I had a three-concert series with them for years, and I’ve kept it, now including my daughter, good friend GirlGriot, and adding another writing friend next season. It will be peaceful.


  1. Ahhhh...enjoy. Sounds like a beautiful evening.

  2. I know them. I am jealous you get to see them. We have a great classical music station in town and they get played often. A boring day is certainly worth such a great evening.

  3. Boring days are sometimes a beautiful thing! I hope you were able to enjoy tonight-sounds peaceful and relaxing.

  4. Great dinner and concert with you, as always! :)