Friday, March 31, 2017

SOLSC 31: Moving, Part 2

            I've lived in my current apartment for more than 46 years, and I sincerely hope to stay here for the rest of my life. But in the 10 years between leaving home and settling in on Riverside Drive, in New York City, I lived at
• Antioch College, in Yellow Springs, Ohio (Sept. 1960-March 1961)
• a shared apartment on West 87th Street, between Columbus & Central Park West, in Manhattan (April-June 1961) (Antioch College had a co-op work-study curriculum, in which we studied on campus for half the year and worked at jobs anywhere in the U.S. the other half)
• back to Yellow Springs (July-Sept. 1961)
• a very brief stay in Los Angeles (a couple of weeks; too long a story for this slice)
• so a few months at home in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania (Oct.-Dec.1961)
• back to Yellow Springs (Jan.-March 1962)
• living at NIH (it was a co-op job; I wasn't a patient) (April-June. 1962)
• Irving Place, N.W., in Washington, D.C. (July-Aug. 1962) (I used to remember this address)
• 1612 19th Street, N.W. (Sept.1962-Aug.1963) (here's when I dropped out of Antioch the first time)
• 1835 19th Street, N.W. (a couple of weeks)
• 1833 19th Street, N.W. (Sept. 1963-March 1964)
• back to Yellow Springs (April-Sept. 1964) (here's when I went back to college)
• 70 West 82nd Street (Oct.1965-Dec. 1965) (here's when I got married, and dropped out of Antioch the second time)
• 134 West 82nd Street (Jan.1966-Sept. 1967) (here's when I started back to college, at City College, at night...)
• 101 West 85th Street (Sept.1967-Nov. 1970) (and here’s when I went to City College full-time; rent here was almost half what it was at the previous place)
            After I graduated from City College and got a real job, I started agitating for a real apartment. The kitchen on 85th Street had no counter space, and its sink was half the size of a normal one and just attached to a pipe under the window, with a piece of wood nailed to the wall for the drainboard.
            When we found the apartment on Riverside Drive, it seemed huge. Two good-sized bedrooms. A kitchen with counters and still big enough for a dining table.
           And a childhood dream come true. When we lived in West Haven, we would drive into New York a few times a year to visit my grandparents in Brooklyn. Riding down the West Side Highway, I saw these impressive apartment buildings towering above the hillsides of Riverside Park and thought, I want to live there some day. This apartment was in one of those buildings. It missed the river view, but otherwise... I feel happy every time I leave my building: the park, when I look left, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine when I look right. No other street in New York has this view.


  1. I lived in 3 houses during my childhood, all in the same area. When I went away to college and then got married, we moved a lot! I lived in 8 states and 3 countries- and in more than one address in most of them. (My son went to 13 different schools by the time he graduated from high school.)

    Glad you ended up in the home of your dreams! I have lived in my current house since 2001- it is the longest I have lived in one house. My youngest daughter lived here from 2nd grade- college graduation and getting married.

    1. I can't decide whether it's better to move a lot as a child, or move a lot as a grownup. I tend to think the latter is more fun, but perhaps the former is most helpful (though you don't realize it until later). How does your son feel about going to 13 different schools through high school? That sounds like it could have been really rough.