Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Slice of Life, #17

            Last night I went to the Big Words reading series. Founded by Stacey Kahn and Jess Martinez exactly three years ago, Big Words meets approximately once a month with readers writing to a theme chosen by the audience at the previous Big Words reading. Last night’s theme was All or Nothing.
            I was one of the readers (see Slice 11). When I started going to Big Words, it met in the back of CultureFix, a bar on the far Lower East Side, a long walk from any subway stops. Last summer it moved to Brooklyn, to a large upstairs event space at another bar, 61 Local, at 61 Bergen Street (this one has a kitchen, and a good one). I’d been to a couple of Big Words there and thought I knew the way. So I didn’t make a Google map. My mistake.
            Took the subway to the Barclay Center, but when I looked at the neighborhood map in the station, I couldn’t find Boerum Place, the street I usually walked down. But there was Bergen Street just a couple of blocks away, so that’s where I headed. But when I got to Bergen Street, the house numbers showed how far off I was. The first one I saw was 413. Oh, dear. And Brooklyn blocks are long. It took me 25 minutes to get to 61 Local -- but at least there was no wind, like Monday, it wasn’t very cold, and I could use the exercise. When my friend Stacie arrived, she explained that I should have gotten off at Borough Hall – oh, it was that B on the map that had thrown me off.
            My reading went well, there were many laughs, and I enjoyed my five minutes in the metaphorical spotlight (no mike either). Looking forward to the next Big Words, whose theme is Stories from Abroad.


  1. I hate being lost; it's so fruatrating. But I was intrigued by your writing/reading group. What a wonderful concept! I'd like to find a way to adapt it to the classroom.

  2. What a great idea! I love things like this. It sounds like your effort was rewarded with a fabulous evening.

  3. Now that sounds like an amazing event - one that I too would walk a LONG, LONG way to find. I guess the message is to not totally trust those GPS.

  4. I'm so glad I got to come out and hear you read, Sonia! And I'm already trying to decide which "story from abroad" I'll read at next month's reading ...
    -- Stacie