Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slice of Life, #28

        Last Thursday’s Open Expressions didn’t have the usual group poem. Instead, we were asked to jot down words we heard during the evening, and before we left, to write a poem for women’s history month addressing journalism’s classic questions to women:
who are women?
what are women?
where are women?
when are women?
how are women?
why are women?
            Here are three of my efforts.

Women nestle into frozen culture
Women’s hair cushions the harsh chains of lies
Women bring exciting accents to bear, unhearing lies
Women are unrepenting in their imagination
Women are essential.

Women deny the harsh culture of hair
Women’s accents nestle in repenting sighs
Women leave the essential lies behind the barn
Women’s disordered minds reveal frozen truth
Women leap into exciting imagination.

Who are women? exciting imagination of culture
What are women? essential hair repenting its chains
Where are women? in harsh rooms echoing screams
When are women? now, then, before, after, never, forever
How are women? frozen accents undermine disordered minds
Why are women? truth nestles among the lies

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