Sunday, March 8, 2015

Slice of Life, #8

             J. walked outside today, the first time in five days. (Background: my husband fell on the ice over a year ago, and isn’t fully recovered yet – broken arm, complications from blood thinner, three months in the hospital and rehab, and a long-lasting neuropathy randomly causing his feet to feel like they’re on springs.) Walking outside in snow or ice, or even slush, is impossible, so the past week, with three snowfalls and below freezing temperatures. have made him feel imprisoned. Today, the streets are clear, it’s 50 degrees, so he was ready to give it a try.
            We live on a side street in Morningside Heights, in Manhattan, and the wind sweeps up off of the river, especially in winter. J. is still using a cane, and wind makes him  feel even unsteadier than his feet do. As we walked up toward Broadway, the wind was at our back and not too strong. We slowly got to Broadway, where there weren’t many people. The only obstacle he had to watch out for was a pink balloon at eye level tied to a storefront and bouncing erratically from air currents when the store door opened.
            When we turned at the next corner, the wind was in our faces. J. walked a short distance until he felt the wind more an enemy than a zephyr – and we retraced our steps. I’m glad he decided not to forge ahead; walking slowly is hard on my back.  When we were first together, I was the slow walker, and I often had to run to catch up; now he is the one pulling at my coat to slow down. I’m also glad it’s March, because it has to get warmer, and soon J. will be walking outside every day, and by himself.


  1. Hopefully we have brighter warmer less windier days ahead. He must feel so frustrated to be the one who needs to slow down now!

  2. I am glad to read he is able to walk after a hard year. Your imagery was great. It is difficult when we experience role reversals. I am going through this with my mother - sometimes it seems like I am the one in charge and not her. But, there are the wonderful days where you and I are not quite needed and they can feel independent.

  3. Your post appears to be about so much more than a walk outside. It's about the balance and pull of weather, life and love. I could feel your excitement over the weather and the hope that it spells for J and for you. Prayers and hopes for a spring in his step soon.