Thursday, March 19, 2015

Slice of Life, #19

            Empty storefronts are never a good sign. On city streets, there will occasionally be one or two as  businesses close and new ones open up. A couple of years ago a card shop closed a block away, and in less than a year a healthy fast-food place, the Dig Inn Seasonal Market, opened, a definite plus.
            But lately vacant stores have surged in my neighborhood. Just around the corner, a children’s bookstore closed, but at least it was moving to another space five blocks away. However, in the same block a restaurant closed over a year ago, and a card and novelties store downsized, leaving a smaller empty space. Over a year ago, a bank branch burned on the far corner, and I haven’t noticed any reconstruction (the branch reopened across the street in space vacated by a copy shop). And next to the new branch is an opticians closed through retirement.
            When I delivered my compost to the local collection spot this morning, I saw three more stores also closed: a large fast-food café and two restaurants. There was a fire in one (a couple of weeks ago, apparently, but there are so many sirens on city streets it’s easy to ignore them), and damage from the fire affected the other one. But this is a college neighborhood, so that will make a big dent in the lives of many students, not to mention the people who used to work in those establishments.
            And I have mixed feelings about those empty stores: I want new businesses, but we don’t need another bank, drugstore, Starbucks, or phone shop. 


  1. Oh, the empty storefronts are like a blight, like teeth knocked out of a smile. I hope things turn around in your neighborhood and that vital businesses move in to create new energy!

  2. Empty storefronts worry me, too. I know there will be replacements in your nabe. Because you're so close to the university, there will surely be businesses looking to move in. Still, it's unsettling. So odd that, when I walked up to your place on Sunday, I didn't really notice vacant shops (except for the bookstore). I think I was so focused on getting through and out of the cold, I wasn't paying enough attention!

  3. I hear your city-style concerns. Every business is part of you walks, your life, your being. Here in the suburbs, we live my the Amazon gods...I hope and pray they are not destroying the city!