Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Slice of Life

I love small world connections; they make me feel like I am part of a community wherever I go. Two of them happened yesterday evening in one place.
     I’d gone to an author reading and interview at a bookstore in Brooklyn. Shortly before it started, a black woman sat at the end of the first row; she looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her. And just as the author was being introduced, a woman with curly blonde hair sat in the empty seat next to me. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t say anything because the author was beginning to read.
     As soon as the event was over, we turned to each other and almost simultaneously said, “Were you at the Voice?” Then she said, “Are you Sonia?” I nodded, and said, “I remember your last name, but not your first,” and she said, “Barbara.” She had been an intern for one of the investigative reporters, more than 30 years ago, and we hadn’t seen each other since, though it turned out she’s later been hired by the husband of a college friend of mine.
     And the woman at the end of the first row? We’d met at a writers’ event a couple of weeks earlier and, we learned last night, she’s a colleague of a good friend of mine.
     So, yes, we are no more than a few links away from everyone else on the planet, and only one or two from those in our own city.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thank you, Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon

Thank you, JP Howard, and Samiya Bashir, and the Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon for your organizing and energy and support. I have not written anything for weeks, then today was the August Salon, and this is what came out. I will write more, and more often.

How to Connect When You Do Not Feel Connected

1. Connect  one thought to another thought.
2. Connect one thought to an action.
3. Conect one action to another action.
4. Connect yourself to yourself.
5. Connect your pain to your fear.
6. Connect your fear to what feeds it.
7. Disconnect your fear from its source.
8. Bypass your pain with a dream.
9. Chase your dream into the underbrush.
10. Track your dream with stealth and love.
11. Ambush your dream as it steals away.
12. Hide from your dream.
13. Let your dream find you.
14. Connect yourself to your dream.
15. Connect others to your dream, one by one, until you are multitudes.