Wednesday, June 9, 2021

May Golden Shovel #24

source: The Podcast 70 over 70 Puts a Forward Spin on Older People


Some think old people are unfamiliar with the

Internet. They think we don’t know what a podcast

Is. Now there is a podcast called 70 



The mirror-image of 30 Under 30 lists. 70 Over 70 puts

The focus on we old folks and could be a

Positive, reversing the stigma on old people. Moving forward

On this rethinking requires we stop the spin

Of “age is just a number,” “you’re only as old as you feel,” “I’m 79 years young,” and on

And on. Age is real, we will all die sometime, and older

People are closer to the end than young people.

May Golden Shovel #23

source: World Is Facing First Long Slide in Its Population


She retreats to a distant cave in desert hills, feeling the world

Recede to a pinpoint. An alien force circles the Earth, is

Nearing her refuge, blocking the entrance, until it is facing

Her, a phantom filling her cave, the first

Visitor from another universe. It’s come a long

Distance away in space and time, but the phantom can slide

Past wormholes and black stars. The phantom senses her in

Her refuge. It haunts her dreams in an unknown language, but its

Intention is unknown to any population.

Monday, June 7, 2021

May Golden Shovel #22

So it's been a while since I wrote a golden shovel poem, but I've been saving source headlines to work on. Even though it's now June 7, here's one for May 22.

source: Rural Oregon Votes to Quit Its Own State and Secede to Idaho

They don’t want to start a war, the rural

Citizens of Oregon.

They only want to not be overruled by the votes

Of city citizens, to

Escape values that rural citizens dislike. Country folk quit

Empathy, its

Apparent weakness intolerable for people who carry their own

Guns wherever they go. They state

Their need for more compatible associates and

Demand to secede.

City folk escort them to the border, to

Their own private Idaho.