Tuesday, October 10, 2017

SOL Tuesday: Shop Local

I lost my Fitbit a week ago. Yesterday, as I walked uptown, I stopped at a Modell’s, hoping to get a replacement. The very young woman at the entrance asked how she could help, and when I said I was looking for a Fitbit, she said the store carries them, but were out of stock at the moment. But she was helpful, suggesting I try another sporting goods store a few blocks away, and also, “You could try online.”
            That started me off. I am on a one-woman campaign against e-commerce, unless it’s absolutely necessary. I told the young woman that I avoided shopping online as much as possible because I didn’t want stores like hers to go out of business.
            “That doesn’t happen,” she said.
            “Oh, yes, it does,” I replied. “That’s why there are so few bookstores now. Everyone buys their books from Amazon.”
            The expression on her face showed this had obviously never occurred to her. “But we say you can order from Modells.com and pick it up in the store.”
            “That’s true,” I conceded, but lots of smaller stores can’t do that. “Just think about it,” I said as I left, “and mention it to your friends."
            Another casualty of e-commerce are stationery stores. First, the small ones are driven out of business by the big-box stores like Staples and Office Max, but those stores are under siege by Amazon as well. I’d looked for a local stationers earlier in the day for the refill for my paper datebook: it’s gone. There are two others still in my neighborhood, probably because there are five universities in the vicinity. 
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  1. I'm with you. As the member of a small town small business family, we always try to shop local and appreciate those who do!

    1. Whenever a friend says she's going to buy a book on Amazon, I suggest she try her local bookstore first.

  2. Though I have only worked in a small business for the past 3.5 years this hits home because like so many others we are in danger of closing. People don't understand that every customer counts to a small business and each day another is taken. It is a sad reality and I wonder how the future will look.

    1. That's why I still buy my medications from an independent drugstore, not the neighborhood chains (that have lousy customer service anyway) or through the mail.