Tuesday, November 26, 2019

SOLTuesday: Attempted Recycling

            In my recent cleanup, I found five used printer ink cartridges. I took them to my local stationery story to leave them for recycling, but learned that their distributor no longer recycles those cartridges. The clerk told me that the student center at nearby Columbia University collected them for recycling.
            When I went there, there were the usual plastic and paper bins, but also bins for cell phones, electronic equipment, batteries, and CFC lightbulbs—but no printer cartridges. I asked the man at the information desk if he knew of any place on campus that recycled those cartridges, and he said he thought an office in another building did. But when I went there, there were the usual paper and plastic bins, as well as one for batteries—but no ink cartridges. When I asked some workers, it seemed that maybe they had once, but did no longer.
            Rather than bring home the cartridges and research possible other recycling centers, I reluctantly dumped them in the trash. I’m sorry, Earth. 
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  1. I've found less and less people are recycling ink cartridges. I have a HUGE bag of them in my office. Now I just need to find a proper place to recycle them!

  2. We used to recycle them at our school, but the bin kept being mistaken for a trash bin and the person doing the recycling got tired of cleaning it out. I'm sure the Earth will forgive for this one.

  3. This is a trend. My school used to recycle them but no longer. Not sure why the huge shift but it seems harder and harder to recycle goods. It does sting a bit doesn't it? I feel like my generation has been trained to recycle, much like we've been trained to cut up all 6 pack plastic rings for the safety wildlife. When I can't do something I know I should it is frustrating. I hope you find a new place to recycle your cartridges!