Tuesday, August 3, 2021

SOLTuesday: Masks

I ran into an old friend on the street today. He’s about my age, 70s, more my husband’s friend than mine. I was masked, he was not, so I recognized him before he recognized me. 

            I commented that it was easier to recognize people by their eyes than I had expected. He commented that I was wearing a mask. 

            Well, I said, I’m wearing a mask on the street where there are lots of people. He said, we’re outside, you don’t need a mask. 

            I said, how does it hurt you if I’m wearing a mask? I’m not judging you for not wearing one. (I felt he was judging me for wearing one.) 

            He said, there’s a little space around your nose where the mask doesn’t fit tightly. I pressed the mask closer to my nose. 

            I feel safer with the mask. He feels safe without it. We agreed to disagree.


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  1. We too wear a mask when we go out. We cannot say that we will not stop 5o talk to someone. It is safer. I too have noticed that people can now recognize a smile by looking at the eyes. Take care.

  2. This slice represents the experience of so many right now. Even when the conversation doesn't actually happen, it's the inner monologue I imagine we're having. Thanks so much for sharing today!