Thursday, March 1, 2018

SOLSC: Phone Lost, but Not Lost

Just over a year ago while on a tour of Cuba with my daughter, I lost my new smartphone, which I’d had for only a few months. That was a Slice for December 20, 2016
            Today I am traveling again, this time on my own, and in New Orleans. I had finished going through a very moving exhibit about Hurricane Katrina. At the opening of the exhibit is a battered piano tilted at a 45-degree angle. The piano was Fats Domino’s and was found in his house on Marais Street. The house had been totally destroyed during flooding from the hurricane, and the piano ruined. For a while, people thought Fats had died as well, but he had evacuated to a relative’s. The piano was donated to the museum, and it’s set up in the position it was found.
            Of course, I wanted a photo. I reached into my purse for the phone. No phone. My pockets? No phone. Panic. I tried to search through my purse more thoroughly, but also asked at the reception desk if I had left my phone there. I hadn’t, but the receptionist suggested the call-my-phone feature, and after I gave her my number, she dialed it. I didn’t hear a ring from any of my belongings, so while she continued to listen to her phone ring, I rushed through the exhibit, hoping to hear my phone’s blues ringtone. Silence.
            Back at the reception desk, I suddenly heard ringing from my backpack. There was the phone. Why hadn’t it rung in the first place? My phone seems to put itself on vibrate on its own sometimes. Devices have minds of their own.
            This trip the phone was found. But in my euphoria on finding it, I forgot to take a picture of Fats’ piano. So no  photo here. I’m sorry. 
I’m participating in the 11th annual Slice of Life Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers. This is day 1 of the 31-day challenge.  It’s not too late to make space for daily writing in a community that is encouraging, enthusiastic, and eager to read what you have to slice about.  Join in! 


  1. I can relate to that panic feeling of the misplaced phone. I also can relate to the relief of finding something after a big hunt....even if it's been in your backpack, in your hand, or on your head the entire time!