Tuesday, March 19, 2019

SOL19: Celebrity Sightings

               A friend recently posted on FB that she had seen Claire Danes in front of a barbecue place in her neighborhood. We live in New York City so celebrity sightings are not unusual. 
               Many years ago, when our daughter was eight, she and her father were waiting for a bus after she’d been to the dentist. She, as usual, was engrossed in a book. He, as usual, was people watching, noting how different East Siders are from West Siders. He saw the actress Barbara Hershey walk by, and said to Christie, “There’s Barbara Hershey.” Christie looked up briefly from her book, said, “Okay,” and went back to her book. The jaded New York kid, we thought.
            Several years later, Christie was an adult, on a street in Brooklyn. Coming toward her was Ice-T with his entourage. She registered who it was, but (still) continued on as though he was just any other person on the street. She was not going to blow her cool and act like a groupie.
            Once I saw David Letterman on the subway. Once I saw Stacy Keach on the subway. Julianne Moore was around the corner from where I live talking to some film crew. Karen Young, one of the FBI agents on “The Sopranos,” had a son at the private school next door. We see them, note it, and move on.
I’m participating in the 12th annual Slice of Life Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers. This is day 1 of the 31-day challenge.  It’s not too late to make space for daily writing in a community that is encouraging, enthusiastic, and eager to read what you have to slice about.  Join in!

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  1. I wonder if it feels like when students see teachers at the grocery store?