Wednesday, March 6, 2019

SOL6: Why I (Sometimes) Hate Technology

            I’m going to Connecticut on Saturday to meet a fellow group of New York Mets fans for our annual preseason get-together to hope for better things than last year and play trivia. Because my usual subway stop will be closed this weekend, I thought it would be easier to buy my train ticket online in advance.
            I have the MTA eTix app on my phone, so I clicked on it, and after clicking on my starting station and destination station, a pop-up window told me the app is out-of-date and I should click on Install Now.
           Clicking on that button, however, just gets me the generic App Store, and when I search for MTA eTix, I get a No Results message. Hmmm.
            Maybe I could get it on my laptop? The laptop finds the MTA eTix app in the App Store, but doesn’t let me download it because it’s only for the iPhone. Hmmm.
            But if I go to the App Store app on my phone and search MTA eTix, I find it easily. Now why couldn’t the original app’s link to the App Store take me to that latest version of the MTA eTix app? And why couldn’t the App Store that link went to find the MTA eTix app?
            Technology: it drives you crazy when it isn’t giving you the greatest pleasure.
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  1. I agree! Technology is so wonderful when it works - then when you rely on it and it isn'e working it's the WORST. Thank you for sharing!

    1. thank you. We get so dependent on these objects that didn't even exist 20 years ago.

  2. The way you take us along with you as this frustrating event great. Love the "hmm" you insert to help us live alongside you!

  3. Tech is wonderful -- when it works. Haha!

    My husband and I were both HUGE Mets fans as kids. Will you detest me if I tell you we now root for the Yankees? (NOTE: We never root against the Mets, but if there were a Subway Series, then, well, you know...)

    1. Thanks! I'm not a baseball xenophobe. I do root for both the Mets and the Yankees, but when they play each other, it's Mets all the way. I just don't like the DH.