Sunday, March 15, 2020

SOL15: Coronavirus Update, Part 5

            New York City’s mayor announced this evening that the city’s public schools will be closed from tomorrow until at least April 20, and possibly through the end of the school year. I’m not teaching in the schools, but I know, while this is probably the best move from a public health standpoint, this will cause a heap of problems: for children with special needs for whom remote learning will be most difficult, for children who live in homeless shelters for whom school is the most stable place. Children who depend on the free lunches will be able to pick them up, and take them home, for at least the next week.
            Teachers will spend next week learning how to teach remotely, and there is some plan to get computers to the 300,000 or so children in the system who don’t have them at home. 
            Good luck to all you New York City school teachers out there.
I’m participating in the 13th annual Slice of Life Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers. This is day 15 of the 31-day challenge.  It’s not too late to make space for daily writing in a community that is encouraging, enthusiastic, and eager to read what you have to slice about.  Join in!

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