Monday, March 16, 2020

SOL16: Coronavirus Update, Part 6

            Every Sunday evening or Monday morning, I e-mail my daughter to let her know my schedule for the week, and she e-mails me hers. (This started after my husband died four years ago. He talked to her almost every day, and since her library schedule changes every week, he was the one who knew when she was working and what day she was off. I’m not a talk-on-the-phone-every-day person, so e-mails became our touchstone.)
            This week, my schedule is blank. I have my usual free-lance work, but I do that at home normally, so no change there. But since last Friday, 12 events from then through the next three weeks have been postponed (TBD) or canceled. Some of these we may be able to reconstruct online. And some other events still in my datebook will probably also disappear. We’ll see.
            On the upside, I’m using the phone more. When e-mail arrived, it replaced my hour-long chats with friends, and texts have often replaced e-mail. When this is all over, we may have an orgy of F2F celebrations.
I’m participating in the 13th annual Slice of Life Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers. This is day 16 of the 31-day challenge.  It’s not too late to make space for daily writing in a community that is encouraging, enthusiastic, and eager to read what you have to slice about.  Join in!


  1. Hey, It's a weird new normal isn't it? I love the idea of the celebration of returning to face to face - I had to think about your acronym for a bit. Haha.

    1. Sorry that came up as unknown! Here is my name: Susan Apps Bodilly

  2. I am not a talk on the phone person either. I am looking forward to the face to face gathering again. I'm okay not having them now, but 3 weeks from now I'll be ready for sure!

  3. Face to face. Celebration. Looking forward to both!